About the author

Hello there!

So as the heading says, I must tell something about myself..
Well, to start things off, I’m Mrudula.. ☺
I am presently pursuing my engineering.. Huhh!! Engineering! I know what are you thinking now.. I might be one of the boring personalities and an introvert, always keeping everything to themselves.. Spot on!!! I’m exactly one of them..😛😂
One thing that differentiates me… That obviously has to be my love for reading and writing.. 😍
So I’m here to read your writings and post a little bit from my side.. Mostly the first part.. 😁 You see.. I’m not that much of a writer.. Hope you would love to join me on a fantastic journey in discovering and making new friends.. 👥😇😆I may be an introvert, but I love to discover new people and start a new journey everytime… ❤