A Journey.

“Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey” 

  It is rightly said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a smile.  What is the most wonderful journey??  Isn’t if  life..  

   Our life is for sure the greatest journey we will ever have. The journey from the unknown to the known. Discovering the reason behind your life. Trying to move forward, losing yourself in the process and then finding pleasure in rediscovering your true self.    It’s not about following the right path but creating your own path and            making it perfect. 

  In this journey, we meet many people. Some are just passing clouds, some use us but some leave a mark in our life. The most precious ones are those who come and stay forever. 

 What we need to always remember is that every moment in our life might be a reason that could change your whole life. So don’t let your life just pass by. 

  Tackling the difficult phase in life is for sure the hardest part. 

 “Life is a roller coaster with ups and downs.  It is up to you whether you scream or enjoy.” 

  May be you were given this life because only you could bear it.. 😛    

  Carrying the burden of the past will never help us move forward. Somethings are better left unexplained. May be it was for our own good.☺

  The best journeys are those which reward us with something that we didn’t even care about in the beginning. All the people in my life are my treasure I found in this journey. 

   We tend to ponder over little difficulties and overlook the simple pleasures.  

  Aiming to be the best in everything we  sacrifice some happy moments and let ego become barriers in relationships. Then,  you see something like this.. 

Only to realise that you have been leading your life in a boring manner. 

 I just completed reading a book which was on similar lines..that’s what this rant is all about. And a chill ran down my spine reading  “based on a true story”. That’s when you don’t know how to react. Life is so unpredictable and unfair. 

  Sometimes we are at our high point in life and then we feel like someone just pushed us off a cliff. 

 One thing I have understood.. happiness should never be our destination. Rather, we should discover it in our journey. 

Life is so short. So, live every moment as if it’s your last since the next one is totally unexpected and make it an adventurous journey. 


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