Myth or Fact..?? 

Have you ever dreamt of a loved one and felt that they were right beside you throughout ??  

Then woke up realizing that they are no more a part of this world.. 

I have experienced this many times and also regularly.. 
I had many questions regarding them..Was it real?? What do I interpret from it?? Why aren’t they actually speaking to me?? 

Recently I read an article and found out that such dreams are not at all rare. Practically,  almost 30% of such dreams are just a result of our subconsciousness..we make them up in our mind.. But the rest of them are genuine ways through which a supernatural power tries to communicate with their dear ones. 

The departed souls often try to communicate is dreams as it is the perfect state of our mind.  Neither are we awake or totally switched off and also free from be precise, the in between state. In some dreams like mine, there is not much of actual talking. They just communicate through telepathy. They just try to tell you they are doing good or reached the other world and even try to assure you that they are always with you. 

Some of them might also be a result of your when you haven’t spent a lot of time of time with them or any other thing you haven’t shared with them. The article even highlighted the fact you could actually call a dear one to communicate by thinking about them just before you go to sleep.

Differentiating between the actual visitations and the others is quite easy.. The actual ones are filled with positive energy, they appear happy and healthy.  

Coming to me, I totally believe in supernatural existence. We humans are living on a small planet in the solar system that is a part of the milky way galaxy which is again a tiny part of the larger universe. Our existence itself is supernatural.         There are many things that science can’t explain and supernatural is not just the forms we tend to look at.. I mean the ghosts. It is just an energy that we cannot capture through our naked senses. 

Well, the article answered some of my questions and also raised new ones.. 

What do you think?? Is this just a myth or a fact??  

Did you have any such dream?? 


42 thoughts on “Myth or Fact..?? 

  1. shilpamohan5 says:

    Yeah..,am looking forward to these kind of articles.and I too believe that there exist some kind of supernatural forces in the world. I too had such dreams and the strange thing about such dreams are they occur unexpectedly.I mean I saw such dreams when I haven’t even thought about that person on that day.Also such dreams haunt me that I can never forget’s really strange.interesting post.i wish I could do some research in it😀😂

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  2. shreyans says:

    hey mrudula….this post made me think..thank you for sharing..
    I have my own theory for this…I think when we die we escape from the circle of life, but when we are so attached with life, we are unable to escape from the circle..and hence we try to communicate with our closer ones, and that can only happen through the subconscious.. because we are unaware of these hings when awake…

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  3. Deboleena Biswas says:

    Such an interesting post ☺ I have had such supernatural experiences and always thought I was imagining things and let it go. I don’t know if it’s a myth or fact but somewhere I personally feel something is there. An external power.

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  4. Glitter lucky says:

    My grandma died when I was 10 month old but for some strange reason, I still see her? I only have two photos of her too, it’s weird. But not long ago I was awoken by a cold chill and my curtains were blowing but there was no wind..then I started panicking again (because I’ve watched too many thrillers) and I could hear someone making soft shushing noises and it didn’t take long til I fell back to sleep. That’s just one occasion but I loved reading this!

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