These days,  we rarely see someone helping their rival. 

What if you are in such a situation?? 

Would you help your biggest competitor when they need your help?? Even when it meant to give up on your chances of winning?? 

In all walks of life, we do have some aspirations and a well planned approach towards our goal. Often we see that people with same targets are tagged as competitors. How far is that right? 

 We seldom acknowledge the fact that even when our destination is same, our definition of success is not always similar. If I succeed, it does not imply that you ended up failing. Having a notion that they are interrelated is not a sensible act. 

Parallely, I think competitive spirit is necessary. It does improve our quality of work. A healthy competition and constructive criticism are  always welcome. But sometimes  when it becomes polluted with ego and selfishness, it turns ugly. Especially if one tries to reach any extent to satisfy this ego. 

  According to me, happiness multiplies when you have more people to share with. That can even be applied to success. When you are in it together, an impossible task seems to be achievable. 

 True!!  There is nothing else more satisfying than helping others when they need it the most. 


35 thoughts on “Success!! 

  1. shreyans says:

    Correctly said…getting jealous means being ignorant of our own potential and capabilities..everyone has something special..compete only with yourself and look at others just to get inspired..
    Nice post..

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  2. radhikasreflection says:

    Helping friends comes more easily to children……as they grow up somehow that quality seems to get buried, with so many external influences.
    Competing with a healthy attitude is the key to success and happiness 🙂
    Well written Mrudula 🙂

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    • Mrudula says:

      That’s right! Sometimes we do win over them..
      Here, I tried to focus on the happiness and inner satisfaction we get in return when we help..even when they are our competitor.. ☺ It adds more to our success..right??
      Thank you Akhila!! :mrgreen:

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