Quote Challenge #2

The second day of my quote challenge. I would like to thank the wonderful bloggers Saalai , Anjali and Pratyusha for the nomination. ☺


Be a voice, not an echo
         – Albert Einstein

Life never fails to surprise us. Whatever decision you try to make, it strikes us with a cross road. But why do we often tend to follow the follow the footsteps of the people who have achieved success? Maybe, just to minimize our risk factor. But is it really worth it?
At each cross road, you will definitely find a most treaded path and beside that there is a lush green untouched path. The path you choose will define you.
You don’t have to always choose the best path as they say. Just be yourself. Let everyone realise how real, imperfect and magical person you are. If you fail the first time, you will definitely succeed in another.
  Success will also embrace only those who are brave enough to voice out themselves and make themselves notable in a herd.


14 thoughts on “Quote Challenge #2

  1. fairykumar says:

    The quote is really amazing! You know I wrote this once on my class’ board and my friends were like… ” Why only you get such things?😮😮” now I have found a person resembling my likes.

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