Liebster Award☺


I am so excited on receiving this award. Thank you Antara for the nomination.
  My previous nomination by another friend was postponed as I am busy with exams.. Sorry for that..
I am so happy to receive it from you Antara.. Do visit her at
Damseldrudge. I’m sure you will love it too..

Now, coming to the rules..


Here are the amazing questions that she asked..
1. Why did you start blogging? 
Honestly, I didn’t know anything about blogging before I started.. A month ago, my sister mentioned about WordPress and told me that I could do it ..☺ Now, I am loving it. The best decision I’ve made.😁 It helps me express myself better.
2. If you opened a restaurant, how would you promote it? 
I’ve never imagined myself doing that..😜 But the best promotion would be to make it free for the first time.. 😂
3. If you wake up one day and find that your gender has changed, what would you do first? 
First I would go mad.. 😵 Then may be, I would love to do all the things that I was forbidden from doing, only because I am a girl.. 😉
4. If you were given a chance, to wish for something that you have desired the most, what would that be? 
I wish.. 😮
I want to turn invisible..a day would be very less..may be more than that.. 😉 I want to travel the world without any restrictions.. And also I have to take revenge from some people for what they have done to me..😂
5. What would you tell God if he somehow appeared infront of you? 
I would thank him for filling my life with such amazing people.. 😍
6. Your craziest adventure? 
I never had one.. But I am looking forward for that day.. 😉
7. Tell us about a dream that became true? 
If you are asking me about all the weird dreams I get every morning.. I wish they never came true.. 😷 Because in most of them, I am either shot dead or I end up in a lot of trouble.. 😂😂
8. What is your favourite cuisine? 
Not anything in particular, I love anything my mom makes.. 😋
9. What is your favourite quote and why? 
I couldn’t decide one.. So here are two..
If people throw stones at you, turn them into milestones.
When ‘Plan A’  doesn’t work, remember that there are 25 other alphabets.
These 2 quotes are self explanatory. We need to follow them to succeed in any stage of life.
10. Define yourself in two words.
This is a difficult one.. 😕 may be..
Extremely shy.. 😯 and
Complete weirdo.. 😂

11 Random (weird) facts about me

1. I am a closed book for many        people. Very few people (to be precise just 5 or 6) know me completely.. For them, I am a completely weird person.. Thankfully, they never left me inspite of that.. 😂😂
2. I hate socializing or gatherings.. Rather, I like spending time at home..with family.. ☺ and also I am extremely lazy and a big foodie..
3. I love watching cricket, but never played it myself.
4. I love animals, but I’m totally scared to be around them. 😂
5. I don’t idolize anyone. From childhood, I always imagined myself as a person with a few qualities..and I aspire to become that.. ☺
6. Sometimes, in between a class or a gathering.. I feel like I’ve been through this already..and that makes me cold.. 😨
7. If I start something, I can’t stop it in between.. I will finish it no matter what.. Be it watching a movie or reading a book.. ;);)
8. I like to trouble my friends by doing weird things that they don’t imagine…😂
9. I’m bad at choosing things.. I can’t choose one among many.
10. I am always thinking something or the other.. I keep imagining things.. 😛
11. Sometimes I don’t think before doing or speaking something.. Later,  I can’t stop thinking about that.. 😶
Well, I can go on writing.. I’ll have to stop here for now..

My questions..
1.What does your blog mean to you?
2.Tell me one thing that you love and one thing that you hate about yourself.
3.What is your most embarrassing moment?
4. One craziest thing you have done.
5. Who is your idol and why?
6. Do you have any pets?
7. What is the one thing that you want to achieve at any cost?
8. What makes you happy?
9. What is your dream job?
10. Your favorite holiday destination?
11. If God asked you to wish for a super power.. What would it be?

Coming to the nominations part.. I’m glad that I found some new and interesting blogs recently who haven’t done a post on the award..
Fairy Kumar
Shilpa Mary Cherian
Anjali Soni
Deboleena Biswas
Sorry that I had to choose only a few..

I would love to read your answers.

You will enjoy reading their blog..One thing I want to tell you all..


Do take time and visit them..☺

Lastly, thanks a lot Antara.. ❤
Hope you liked my answers.. ☺


73 thoughts on “Liebster Award☺

    • Mrudula says:

      You can choose anyone you follow..who have less followers.. I can’t think of anyone right now.. I’ve already done that.. Any number of nominations would be fine.. If you don’t have anyone to nominate.. You may skip it..👍

      Liked by 1 person

    • Mrudula says:

      Hi Saalai!!
      Thank you so much for this! 😘
      Pardon me if it will be a little late. I’m busy with exams. I’m still wondering how are you able to balance both so perfectly. All the best for your exams.
      Thanks!! 😊

      Liked by 2 people

    • saalai kamalathaai says:

      Not at all a problem. Yes, I can contemplate it. Just one more exam to go. That’s why feeling relaxed after putting up with these tiresome days. But, you be working hard😉😁. Take your time and take up the challenge whenever you feel up to. Okay? 🙂
      I’m sure you are rocking with your exams. A very all the best.:)👍

      Liked by 2 people

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