Appearances blind but personality reveals..

She woke up to the soft breeze.. her hair dancing on her face… She walked up to the mirror at the corner of her room..Smiled at herself..☺and continued with the beautiful day ahead…She saw a young couple on the park bench..👫 The boy complimenting the girl’s beauty…Indeed she was beautiful, she thought to herself and carried on.. 👸Women at work had always envied her, for she was a beautiful soul..😇While returning, she saw two children by the roadside..The girl was hungry and her brother was helpless…:'(Moved by the scene, she stepped into a nearby store and bought something for them.. While handing over the packet to them, she bent down and kissed them on the forehead and promised to visit them everyday❀… After returning home, she went and stood by the mirror again.. Slowly, her trembling hands touched her face..😟She remembered the look on the girl’s face while she bent down to kiss her..😨Though the little girl didn’t utter a word, her eyes couldn’t hide her thoughts running in her head.. Exactly a month ago, her life took an unexpected turn..An accident.. which left a big burnt mark on her face..:'( Her life changed..beyond anything she could have imagined..All alone.. trying to cope up with life.. The man that she loved the most, broke their engagement.. But she stayed strong…Not a single tear dropped from her eyes from that day..:D She thanked god for saving her life that day and retired to bed..😇
Β  I can sense something.. you too must have imagined a beautiful woman at the start of the story.. 👸A sad reality of today’s society is that we judge people by their physical appearances.. The beauty of the inner soul is often neglected.. 😷
Β Β  We spend a lot of time in front of the mirror everyday.. But I wonder, whom do we want to please..?? 😯
Β Β  AsΒ  the saying goes.. Never judge a book by its cover.. Well!! Before judging anyone, remember one thing.. You never know what they have been through.. 😥
Β  After all, looks can be deceptive my friend… πŸ˜‰
Β Β Β  I always believe.. It’s your life and your happiness is what matters the most.. Don’t let anyone destroy it… Be happy and stay blessed.. 😇
Β  And one last thing one must never forget..
Β Β  Well!!Β  You don’t have to be beautiful.. to be beautiful.. ;);)


42 thoughts on “Appearances blind but personality reveals..

  1. pixey123456 says:

    The only reason I thought she was bueatiful is because her personality was nice. I imagined a nice women helping poor kids so I just thought she naturally looked bueatiful because of her personality lolπŸ˜†

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  2. shreyans says:

    What a wonderful blog…truly said, beauty can not be defined by a particular set of persons…it is different for everyone…and this realization is very important for everyone..

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  3. Pratyusha says:

    Wow !! You captured the very cruel thing which happens in the society. People often judge you by the looks than looking at the beautiful soul a person beholds. You stories are indeed amazingly put. πŸ™‚

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