The bond enhancers.. :)

As a child we all grew up hearing to our elders telling us that whenever someone helps you, thank them… 😁…. When you hurt someone, please them with a sorry.. πŸ˜₯Β  Otherwise, the society frames you as a mean guy.. 😈
Β Β  But sometimes,Β  we don’t apply this to our friends and family.. 😑
Β Β  Of lately,Β  I observed that a particular phrase has gained a huge popularity..
Β  We are never meant to use the words thanks and sorry for friends..
Β Β  I have experienced it quite often.. 😶.. A day before my internal at my university.. I was looking for help from my classmates..😨 Contacted many of them… But a positive response from one of them after a long time..😁 I replied her with a big thanks… 😇 Then she rebuked me with the same dialogue.. 😯
Β Β  The very next day… we were due to submit an assignment.. It was a chaotic room.. everyone busy with the finishing touches.. 📄 my friend,frantically searching for a stapler..I was the only one having it.. 🙋 While returning it, she thanked me.. It was the same girl… I put on one of the weirdest looks.. :?.. She stopped for a second… Then announced, no thanks in a hurry and continued her work.. 📋
Β Β  This taught me something deep.. 🎯 We often tend to thank or feel sorry for the people who are actually very close to us.. 😁
Β  I prefer to follow this completely opposite theory.. 😜 The more often we use these words.. the more closer we feel to each other.. 😇
Β Β Β  Just imagine, you had a little fight with your mother.. 😩 You both have not been talking for quite a long time.. A simple sorry from your side will mend the situation beyond your imagination.. 😁
Β Β Β  There are many people in your life who make your life comfortable everyday… 😇 It might be your mother,Β  who cooks for you daily.. Your driver who drops you daily.. The office boy at work, who serves you tea everyday.. We don’t acknowledge their work everyday.. 😟 A simple thanks will make their day..The smile flashed on their face is priceless…👑
Β  So, we must thank our close ones more often than anyone else.. ❀ This will actually bring us more closer and add our relationship will remain ego free.. 😁



43 thoughts on “The bond enhancers.. :)

  1. saalai kamalathaai says:

    Hey, first of all, give me a high five βœ‹. I too have the same ideology. My thing is if we don’t acknowledge people for their work, we fail to look its uniqueness and we never know its taste. A word of thanks can surely make a difference.
    Beautiful to read.☺😘.

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