Dedicated to all best buddies.. ;)


No one can disagree with the fact that friends form an integral part of our life…:DThey stand by our side whenever we need them to share our good as well as bad times…💕
   I am sure that everyone has atleast one such friend for lifetime…🙋
   Schools are the best part of our education life and school friends are the ones who make it…😇
    Well! I’m so lucky to have one such friend.. :mrgreen:We met when we were in the 6th grade. Her name is Harini…👸 We have been best friends since then…👭
   I miss those days when I used to doze off between those boring lectures and she used to wake me up…😴 When we had sneaked behind the benches of our library to avoid classes and read some novels…😂 Sitting under the tree in the playground and talking for hours together without getting bored…💗 Playing table tennis with her even if she was not interested…😜
  Those were some of my best memories…😍👌 But I am glad that we are still looking forward to make many such sweet memories which will last for a life time…💓


   Every morning we greet each other and before retiring to bed we discuss the happenings of the day…💭
  We meet very rarely… But I fell like we travel with each other almost everyday…💞💕


    I am a kind of an introvert girl with very few close friends…😯She is also like that… Actually, we are very similar….😎 We are never bored of each other even after talking for hours everyday…💕
  Once we went out for a movie.. She said,  “We are 18 today.. Even when we are 80,  we will come to watch a movie just like this..” 😍😍
   We both are big fans of the sitcom F. R. I. E. N. D. S.  We can actually relate to the characters  depicted in it, in terms of the friendship between them…😁One fine day she sent me these amazing lines that she had written for me,
   I hope our friendship is awesome and amazing like Monica and Rachel!
I’m glad that none of us have a brother..😜😂
Our friendship will be cool and fun filled like that of Joey and Chandler!
Let us celebrate the 10yrs of our friendship, everyday for the coming indefinite years.
   I realized for the nth time.. how lucky I was to have to her.. 😇

Today is her birthday and I dedicate this post to her.. 😁😁


   Now, it’s my turn to tell her something I couldn’t express.
Thank you for accepting me as l am, knowing that I am a good egg but slightly cracked one… 😜
For helping me gather myself in my bad times… 😇
For sharing my pain which I couldn’t with anyone else…😘
Dearest one, you are one of the rarest diamond on earth, I will treasure you in my heart till the end of time…😍😘💕
   And lastly, a very happie birthday.. 😁😁Wish you a very happy journey ahead that I’ll always be a part of.. 😘😘
  P.S.. A special thanks to my best friend Nik.. 😁


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