There is a first time for everything


ย  School life has taught us many things and most importantly, prepared us to face the world.
ย  When I was studying, my school didn’t have a huge strength. I don’t know if it was a boon or a bane, but in high school we were just 27 of us in the class, most of us were together since pre-school. It was our second home and each teacher was very close to every student, treating them as their own child. They often recognized our weakness and tried hard to improve us.
ย  It was the time when I was in the 9th grade. A week before our Diwali break. Our mam was looking for a volunteer to host a small program on Eco Friendly Diwali. Bang on! She chose me for I was the most silent one of all.
ย ย  A chill ran down my spine. I had never done that before. She would not let me turn down the opportunity. Inevitably, I had to start practicing and make sure that it was done very well.
ย ย  Finally, the day arrived. I was nervously pacing up and down the lobby, practicing what I had to speak. Just then,ย  I saw one of my friend running down towards me. She whispered something in my ear. What! That can’t be true. The chief guest was too busy to attend the gathering. Some part of me was happy, but mostly I didn’t know how to react.
ย ย  There I was. Standing amidst my juniors, teachers and staff. I didn’t realise when my nervousness and anxiety vanished into thin air. Everything was going smoothly as I expected. My mam was standing right beside me throughout, incorporating a few gags according to the situation.
ย  No one had actually expected me to do so well. I was praised for many days that followed.
ย  Also, I had the pleasure to host some other gatherings till l left the school. The last one being our school Annual day at school (which actually coincided with my birthday..).
ย ย  I am truly indebted to everyone at school for what they taught me.
ย ย 


18 thoughts on “There is a first time for everything

  1. fairykumar says:

    It’s an amazing place which prepares us for life. And I too was chosen as an orator for most of the events in school! I really miss my teacher, my school because I have just given the 12th board exam… And haven’t got the hang of “School Over” till now๐Ÿ˜ข

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  2. anandpk17 says:

    It is the Opportunities that many misses .. During those time we will never realise the fact that it is these few approaching opportunities are those ones which can give you the most beautiful memories

    Liked by 1 person

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