Introvert or Extrovert..What are you?


According to many of us extroverts are outgoing and introverts are shy,right? Not exactly.Before jumping onto any conclusions we must understand the true personality to manage our experiences.

We often tend to tag people as an introvert or an extrovert without recognising the extent of that particular nature in them. This leads to forming groups of their own kind and disregarding the others.But actually,we can’t tell about their true personality based on their social behaviour.

 There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert.Such a person would be in a lunatic asylum.

So this means that every one falls somewhere in between the two extremes.

How can we understand an introvert better?

Introverts are tricky to understand.We are so comfortable assuming them to be very shy. In fact,they are simply the people who find it tiring to be around other people.

I like this explanation of an introvert,

 For introverts,to be alone with our thoughts is as restorative as sleeping,as nourishing as eating.

Introvert people are better known for thinking a lot before talking or doing anything,they enjoy a small group of friends and need a lot of time for themselves.They are not necessarily shy or those who run away from social situations,but they definitely need time with friends and family after being in a big crowd.
Being slightly more inclined towards being being an introvert. I can truly relate to this..:)

How can we understand an extrovert better?

On the contrary, extroverts are energized with people around them.They spend time with people to recharge themselves from the time they spent working hard.

This is how extroverts explains themselves,

When I am around people, I make eye contact,smile,may be chat if there’s an opportunity (like being stuck in any long line at a store).

 What about an Ambivert?

Since introverts and extroverts are two extremes, most of us fall somewhere in the between. Ambiverts exhibits both tendencies. They enjoy being around people but it will eventually result in draining them.They like a mixture of social interactions and alone time.

What is the need of this discussion?

Till now we might have been judging people based on their social interactions.But we need to understand the differences that will help us to get the best out of everyone.

This story about an introvert girl and her extrovert room mate will give you a clear picture.

The first few months of living together din’t work well because we din’t know how to care for each other.I tried to give her space by knocking before entering the room.But she was annoyed when I kept knocking. And I hated it when she barged into the room without a warning. 

Writing with your right hand does not make your left hand hand inert. Similarly, an extrovert can still do things that are commonly associated with an introvert and the same with an introvert.

I am sure some of you are now wondering about your true personality. You can take a test here .

I would love to know your results.


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