What it means to be a Muslim in today’s India


   It is human nature to hate anything foreign. As of today, the word foreign has a totally different meaning in our lives. The so called ‘protectors of religion’  have declared the people of all other religions as foreigners. Moreover, they have labeled each member of the Muslim community as a terrorist. It is alarming how people think every Muslim as a threat. This is not at all a good sign for the development of the country.
     People rely on statistics to come to a conclusion on any matter in life. But in this case they have overseen one of the biggest of all. India has a population of 150 million Muslims. I seriously wonder how can such a big population pose a threat. Only a fool would still believe that we can survive in a country where one in ten people is a terrorist.
  The isolation of Muslims to the corners of the society is not only a social risk but also our county may lose some talented young minds.
   Fortunately, it does not end here. There are people who still give us a hope of the presence of humanity. They set an example by proving that equality is not only for preaching but also to follow.
    I would like to share 3 such stories. Two of which I read in a first hand account.


“It was a evening of the holy Ramzan month. Mr. Khan was still working on his desk when one of his colleague and best friend came to visit him. He came and placed an apple on the desk. He refused to leave, until his friend ate the apple. But Mr.Khan succeeded in convincing his friend that he cannot have anything until he performed his evening prayers. “
   I still remember the day during the recent ICC World Cup when Shahid Afridi gave a statement during a press conference that he was more welcomed by his brothers in India than in his own country.


” A man recounts, sitting on the table and working on his laptop when his 5yr old son suddenly asked, “Dad, are all Muslims our enemies?”. He was startled. He asked what made him think so. The child replied that they recently read a lesson on Shivaji who was attacked by the Muslims. Everyone in the class thinks Altaf, our classmate is our enemy and we are going to beat him up tomorrow in the recess. The father tried to explain by stating that there were many Muslims fighting in Shivaji’s army against the Mughals. Even today there are many more soldiers fighting at the border for the safety of our country. Adding to the conversation father asked whether he liked Martin uncle who was one of his friends and visited them quite often. The child got his answer and started to leave. His father tried to stop him, “Hey wait! What happened?”. He turned back and said, “Tomorrow I am going to sit beside Altaf. No matter what the others think of me. He is not born my enemy not the others are my born friends”. “
    Children are such innocent souls.
  Everyone will agree that the Indian education system has many loop holes. But one commendable thing is that it does not preach or follows any one religion.                     
Dr. Maulana Azad was the first education minister of India. He had the opportunity to sneak Islam into the textbooks. But what happened next is not left untold.


“In a district of South Kashmir, an 84yr old Kashmiri Pandit refused to leave the valley inspite of threats from the militants. Although all his family members fled away, he stayed there. It was notable that he was the only Hindu among the other 5000 Muslims. Unfortunately, he died in February. There was no one to perform his last rites. The local Muslims took the responsibility and mourned his death as one of their own. “
   As I sat down to write this post and even reached the end, something inside me is constantly telling me that the topic itself is meaningless. I believe a person’s identity is not determined solely by his religion. But the three incidents I came across yesterday and mentioned above forced me to pen down my views on the topic.
    Sometimes my heart wonders, when will we see each other as individuals rather than members of a religion. My mind instantly answers, the day when we will behave as humans.
Thanks for reading!
  Have a nice day!



4 thoughts on “What it means to be a Muslim in today’s India

  1. Sara says:

    I don’t know what rant you had faced on social media, especially Twitter, about this post but this is exactly what’s happening… just for petty politics the void has been created in the name of religion and to my surprise many educated people have fallen prey to this.

    Liked by 1 person

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