3 Days Quote Challange

I was nominated by the awesome awesomengers for 3 Days Quotes Challenge. It’s a fun challenge, so I geared up for it.

Here are rules for this challenge ,
◆ 3 quotes, one a day, or all 3 quotes on the same day.
◆ Thank the person who nominated you.

I decided that I’m going to post all the three quotes today itself.

These are some of the quotes which I truly believe in.


   Your life is to be ruled by only one person and that’s you. No matter what believe in yourself and surely your life will change if you stay positive.


   Always think big. There is no shortage of people who will always try to pull you down. Believe in yourself and always have your eyes focused at the pinnacle rather than the underlying.


   Success and happiness are interrelated. Success will always come with happiness. And sometimes happiness can help you achieve success.

  Thanks for the nomination!


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