My views on ‘Sheng Nu’


  A pleasant Sunday evening. All your friends have decided to play cricket. Your best friend is one of the team captains who gets to choose the players. But you are the last one he picks for his team. How does it feel? Embarrassed? Awful?  Leftover??..
  Can you just imagine what a women would feel on being labeled as a leftover by the society just because she is still unmarried.
      An advertisement centered on the ” leftover women ”  in China has gone viral and has been provoking emotional debates on every single woman in the country.


The documentary style video was commissioned by Japanese beauty giant SK-II.
     For a society that prioritises marriage and motherhood of a women, the leftover women have now become a topic of debate. Just imagine what kind of impression will such a society have on our future generations. What are we leaving behind for them to follow our footsteps?


    Let us analyse the circumstances behind this situation.
What was the purpose of the policy?
By introducing this idea the ruling communist party in the country aimed to urge women to marry before the age of 27, to address the huge gender imbalance caused due to the recently ended ‘one child policy’.
  But in my opinion instead of reflecting a positive side of a policy adapted by a government in favor of its people, it just points out to the position held by women in the society.
  Is the decision justified?
The answer to this question is a loud and clear No.. According to  recent statistics, there are about 162 unmarried men for every 100 women. What is the need to pin point the unmarried women?  How about the leftover 62 men?
  This showcases the thinking of the society and its inability to recognize the importance of women.
What effect does it have on the women?
   A woman is always under a constant pressure to get married before the age of 27. It is a mental torture they have to undergo.
  It is a harsh reality that a majority of young women professionals have to face the intense marriage pressure. It breaks them down emotionally.
‘An unmarried woman is incomplete’
  According to the Chinese society, an unmarried woman is considered as incomplete. How far will a society justify its decision of respecting a woman based on her martial status?
    As an Indian saying goes ‘even god will reside in a society which respects it’s women’. But now a days a woman is just seen as an object to fulfill a man’s desires. Don’t you think a woman deserves much more than this kind of treatment.


What is the effect on the woman’s family?
    Not only the pressure from society but even parental pressure sets in for the woman. The parents are equally concerned for the daughter’s future. Instead of helping them overcome their worst fears of remaining unmarried, this concern adds to the pressure she has to undergo.
   They start questioning about the daughter’s appearance. Contrary to this fact, I feel it’s more about the mindset of people.



  What are the other consequences?
   One of the vital and pretty evident result is the growing consciousness among the parents who are ready to search for their son in law by hook or by crook. This just increases the pile of burden on the woman.


     Clearly, this is not anywhere near an ideal situation a woman would dream to be in. It’s the responsibility of each one of us to atleast make our small little contribution to ensure that the situation gets a little better for the women.
     Now for a little better face of the situation
    Women are trying to get out that frame of mind that society has forced on them for quite a time now. They starting denying the fact that marriage in any way is related to them leading a happy life. Chinese women are now way more educated than ever before and are resisting marriage.
  That gives us a small ray of hope for all those who want to be a part of a better society..




3 thoughts on “My views on ‘Sheng Nu’

  1. Akki says:

    Yes, I can understand this. I am not reading full this article because of low battery but, I really read some part of it.

    Really, I can’t imagine in that situation if I was a women.

    Really, good shot ; )


    Liked by 1 person

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