Pointing towards the lush green fields, she asked, “how do the grass blades moving in the wind sound like?”

I looked at her dumbfounded. Didn’t know what to answer. She looked at my hands, waiting for one.

“What about the moving clouds?” she added to my amazement.
This time she didn’t wait for my answer. Gazing through the window across, she continued asking.

“The tiny raindrops striking the window sill?”
Is it a song.. melodious or a fast beat?
My thoughts were snapped as she ventured further.

“Flipping through the pages of an old dusty book?”
Was it flapping?

“The soft petals striking the ground?”
Do they even make a sound?

“The cry of a rooster? a baby’s laughter?”
I couldn’t think of anything anymore. I adjusted myself to face her directly now. There was an emptiness in her eyes. I failed to look at the world through those eyes.“A splash of water? leaves dancing in the breeze?”

“The sound of heavy footsteps above us”

“The colorful crackers that lit up the night sky?”

She finally stopped. Looking at me for one last time, she smiled. “You sure are lucky!” she murmured before turning away.

Maybe I am. Maybe not.
Her world was beautiful.. but silent..