Her story

Wiping the thick layer of dust with her bare hands, she held the frame a little closer for a better view. She was standing at the leftmost corner. This was the last memory she had of her school life. With spectacles that covered half of her face and braces, looked a lot different than she did now. She was glad that she could now laugh it off now.

School life was nothing less than a Pandora’s box for her. Not that she didn’t have friends, she did. There were no villain like teachers with horns sticking out of their heads. Nor was she a damsel in distress waiting for the arrival of her knight in the shining armor. All she wished for was just a few friends to hang out and share everything with and well, a peaceful school life. Thank heavens, she believed that she could ask for nothing more. But what made everything flush down the drain was the fact that her friends didn’t reciprocate how she felt. Now that she sees those innocent smiles on their faces right beside her, a strong emotion of fear and remorse hits her hard.

ALIEN. That’s what they called her behind her back. One of them had a little slip of tongue right in front of her, while another one shushed her right away. Until that particular moment, she never cared about her appearance. Taking days to digest this, she finally came to terms with it. But with a scar. She wasn’t the same anymore. Maybe this was it. The reason why she still takes a lot more time to open up to someone. Becomes careful and sensitive while getting attached to people. Confusing over the sincere and pretense, she searches that mask on every face. Nitpicking and blaming herself for all the glitches she had in every relationship, she silently wished that she never existed. All the years that followed she detached herself from the smallest of the pleasures that the girls of her age enjoyed for she had found a new enemy in every mirror in her vicinity.

They were at an age when people are normally oblivion towards the after effect of their small actions. She never blamed them. Neither did she resent them. At least not more than she resented herself. Confining herself within the walls that she build around her, she made it arduous for a soul to penetrate.

It would have been better, thousand times more than this, she thought. If only they had not pretended to befriend her or instead had been honest enough to bully her like the others. At least it would have been easier to hate them with all her heart.

A few acquaintances and special people around her made her realize that not all people are the same. she slowly started climbing the bottomless well of despair, she threw herself into.

Despite it, some things never changed.

She pretended that she never saw them sharing those weird looks, but she did catch quite a lot of them.

She pretended that she heard those soft laughs around her, but she still remembers them as clear as the church bell.

She pretended that all this didn’t matter anymore and she was okay, but…